Build and Grow
Hands-On Experience for Instilling Self Accomplishment and Building Self-Esteem
Group:     ¥2,000/hour
Private:    ¥4,000/hour
Material Fees: ¥1,000 - ¥3,000/project

Learning English in the Creative Studio of Art
Project Planning
Brainstorming ideas
Vocabulary building
Discussions with friends and teachers
Presentation of your plan

Hands-On Life Skill Practice

Creativity and Imagination
Make your own furniture
Make something special for your friends and family
Make something useful for the community

Learning how to use tools and be good at Carpentry

Recycle and Ecological
Imagination Skill
Problem Solving Skill
Explore useful materials around our life

Repairing Skill
When something breaks, you don’t throw it away,
you fix it
Useful Knowledge with Daily Repairing
Bicycle Repair
Plumbing, Wiring

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