It is a pleasure to welcome you to ai INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

The word “ai” means “love” in Japanese.

We all need love, most especially young children, and this is the basis of everything we do at ai INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.

From love comes respect and trust, self-esteem and confidence, acceptance and tolerance, empathy and caring.

At ai INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL we love and respect children; accepting them each as individuals; building their self- esteem and confidence to prepare them for the challenges of learning and life.

ai INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL was established in 1986 and has a solid reputation for providing a caring environment that nurtures the children within our care.

At our school the children learn the old-school way. They learn basic life skills, and how to express their creativity through movement and hands-on tasks. They are not bound by inhibitions or over-protectiveness, which limit their potentials.

We here at ai INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL are committed to bringing the highest quality of early childhood education and care for your children and your family.

I would like to invite you to explore and learn more about us by visiting our teachers, and the families who have come together to form this amazing community.

Look forward to meeting you all near future!

Eri Ogawa,
School Director