What is ai’s Teacher to Student Ratio?

Preschool Program: 1:4 (1.5 to 2 years old)
1:6 (3 years old)
Kindergarten Program: 1:10

What are Ages of ai Students?

Preschool Program 1.5 years old to 3 years old
Kindergarten Program 4 years old to 6 years old
After School Program 1.5 years old to 12 years old
Tutoring Program 1.5 years old to 12 years old
Summer Program 1.5 years old to 12 years old

How many students attend ai INTERNATIONAL?

Preschool 25
Kindergarten 40
After School/ Tutoring 15

How many teachers are there at ai INTERNATIONAL?


Where are ai Teachers from?

Many parts of the world including Japan, Philippines, Australia, England, North and South America, Europe.
Our teachers represent all the continents of the world!!

Where are ai Students from?

Students are from all around the world, usually about 30 to 40% of our students are of Japanese background, the rest of our student body includes France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Sweden, China, Korea, America, England, Australia, Ghana, Canada, Belgium, etc. etc….

How do ai Students commute to school everyday?

ai Families are usually located near the school. They use cars and bicycles most commonly.
Some parents choose to use public transportation system, we have several bus stops around the school, the closest stations are JR Mita, Subway Azabujuban, Mita, and Shirogane Takanawa Stations. No School Bus is available at this moment.

Are any other languages taught besides English?

At this moment, no. We focus on English and all lessons are conducted in English. ESL is very much in demand at ai INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. We do learn some words of the languages of the families in our community such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French and Italian and so on. We do ce lebrate the cultures represented by our families. Currently Omni Park by Ms. Fukuoka, one of the Extra Curricular Activities offered at ai INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, is available for those who are interested in learning Japanese language and culture.

Do ai INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL provides School Lunch?

Yes, we have a great lunch service here at the school, and this lunch service provides a hot meal for our children everyday. School Lunch can be ordered for everyday or only a few days. Monthly Order Sheet is available every month, 350yen per day. You could also prepare a home lunch for your child, its up to you.

How do ai Teachers discipline children?

With patience and firmness, we let the children know clearly what is acceptable and try to have the children make their own choices. We incorporate the principles of “Conflict Resolution” from “Living Values Education”.

How do ai Teachers comfort children missing their mums?

They acknowledge the child’s feelings and then comfort or hug the child. Children may sit with or stay close to a teacher until they are comfortable enough to be by themselves.

How do ai Teachers communicate with Students Families?

Parent Teacher Conferences/every semester
Meetings via appointment
Daily communication from class (Communication Books)
Notice Board

Do you accept children with Special Needs?

Yes, we do. If we have openings and depending on the needs of the child. We are happy to work with specialists and a child’s IEP and we accept Shadows in class.

Do you have any events/activities parents can join?

Coffee Meetings
Parents Committee
Field Trips/twice per school year
Fall Festival/October
Winter Carnival/December
Ski Trips/January and February
Sports Day/March
Spring Picnic/April
Pot Lunch Parties/September and June