ai INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL has vacancies for positions listed as below:

ai INTERNATIONALSCHOOL has a vacancy for one full time teacher for the 2020/2021 school year (position will start August 2020). We are seeking a dynamic, motivated and experienced teacher, who is able to work as part of a team in a multi-age preschool or kindergarten classroom setting. The successful applicant should hold a qualification in the field of Early Childhood Education and should also have a high level of competency in English. At ai InternationalSchool, the basis of everything we do is love, respect and care for our children as well as our parents and teachers alike. We have built a solid reputation for providing a caring environment that nurtures the children within our care. Staff development and growth is also important at ai. Through exchanges with other International Preschools in Tokyo and throughout Japan, involvement in various research programs, support of work experience programs and work place observation programs in Japanese schools, we seek to provide as many opportunities as possible for staff development. Candidates should follow the application process to apply and are also encouraged to visit our website for more information about ai InternationalSchool.
Thank you.
(updated: August 2020)
Support Priority : Very urgent